Why are we always hungry in 2018?

Dietary guidelines are saying charming, self-qualifying, words like ‘eat a balanced healthy diet’. Can you see it? It’s a contradiction!   You can’t have a healthy diet if you are eating the same quantities from all food groups. There is no ‘balance’! It’s isn’t healthy, and the number of obese and diabetic clearly show this.  

  Type 2 diabetes was a disease for people over the age of 65 just 50 years ago. Now, even children are getting diabetes before their teenage years. My sources are Dr Robert Lustig, and this is discussed at length in ‘Eat Bad’ from many converging angles.   We have a huge nutrition problem today, and it doesn’t just affect the sedentary population.  

  Dr Tim Noakes was a huge influence on sports science, and a marathon runner himself. His data showed carb-loading, which is pretty much loading on sugar before exercise, had him in the diabetic range for insulin resistance. This is a bad thing.   This is not uncommon, marathon runners, long distance cyclists, have been found to be pre-diabetic. Keto-adapted athletes are showing up at the end of a long aerobic event with negligible levels of inflammation when compared to carb-dependent athletes. Why do you think that is?   The best part? Most people eat in a carb-loading fashion to go sit at their desks! Thanks to the production of sugar that dramatically increased in the last 200 years, we went from skipping breakfast and eating 2 meals a day during the Medieval period (500-1500), to eating sugar loaded cereal for breakfast and 6 meals per day.   Quoting Dr Jason Fung, author of ‘The Obesity Code’: ‘You’re constantly overeating because you’re getting fat’   There are remote Human tribes eating nothing but protein and fat, and not a case of diabetes between them.  

  We have essential proteins and essential fatty acids(fat). We don’t have any essential sugars. There is no essential potato, rice, pasta, or bread! Glucose, the fuel of life, can be made from protein or fat. We simply don’t need to eat sugars!   Fruit, filled with fattening fructose, used to be available only during the Summer months so we’d fatten up to survive Winter. Now, we can eat fruit all year round, and drink the sugar content of 5 oranges in 2 gulps.

Do you see the cognitive dissonance now?   Our government issued nutritional guidelines, are so off the mark, they should be used to fatten pigs for slaughter and boost meat production.

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