The first pages of the book “Eat Bad”…

 The text below are the first pages from ‘Eat Bad’…


We know what we are,
but know not what we may be”
William Shakespeare

This guide started its life on the 25th of October of 2010 as an email I sent to a work colleague who wanted help to lose some of the extra blubber he was carrying around the midsection. Shortly after, other requests for help ensued and this text grew into a “part two”, and even a “part three”. Now it has grown many parts over.

We’ll spend most of our time focusing on nutrition, food, and chocolate mousse. Exercise will be more of a side note at the end.

In this journey we are going to tackle myths, learn cheat codes, smash misconceptions, and expand our horizons. Be ready for discovery.

Let’s start this rampage by demolishing a misconception before we go any further… a lot of people complain they don’t want to get big muscles. Really?

Are you willing to…

– workout twice per day for 2 hours each time,

– with so much intensity that you will either vomit or pass-out,

– eat over 15 000 calories and 500 grams of protein everyday,

– inject yourself with Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone

– inject Anadrol, Methandrostenolone, and/or other liver damaging steroids at a price tag of about $7,000 per month

– do this for the next 10 years?

No? Then trust me on this… you’re pretty safe!

One less useless myth

There’s a bigger chance that tomorrow you’ll wake up to my uncle Bob giving you a birthday greeting in fluent Cantonese. If you haven’t guessed it, there is no uncle Bob!

By applying what you’re about to learn, at most you will get toned and will live a fuller, easier, healthier, and happier life. That’s it!

Saying that you will get big muscles from lifting weights is the equivalent of walking to the supermarket and as a result becoming a winning triathlon athlete; or sending a text message and winning a Pulitzer prize; or falling down the stairs and becoming a skydiving instructor. I think you get the message by now.

Oh make him stop!

Every bodybuilder you see at a Mr Olympia contest has had pharmaceutical help. A physique like that is simply not possible for the majority. And even with chemical aid you have to be a genetic freak to get that big. You also require the discipline of a thousand monks to get that far.

How do we know bodybuilders are ‘enhanced’? Simple, there’s one little ‘tell’… Those who have been competing and using something ‘extra’ for too long start looking pregnant and couldn’t hold what’s called a ‘vacuum pose’. We don’t even need to dig deeper or dissect a long history of scandals, revelations, and deaths. In fact, even the male physique competitors have been found to be taking substances of dubious legality. Back to reality…

 Before we go any further…

Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and nutrition changes with them before beginning. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian and don’t know your health. Years of abuse will affect us all differently and some may need extra help.

The advice given here comes from countless hours as a researcher with a passion for how the human body works and how to fine tune it. I do not claim to cure any condition or provide medical aid, or nutrition for the purpose of health or disease healing, nor do I claim to be a doctor or dietitian. I only inform you on what worked for me and many others, and what the science suggests to work.

This advice is aimed at healthy adults who are not pregnant. Much of this advice can be used even if you have certain health conditions, but only under medical supervision and tailored to work around your limitations.

This is not advice for babies, children, or teenagers. These are growing Human beings that have very specific requirements.

It is also impossible to diagnose a complex system like the human body through this text. If something doesn’t feel right with your body then go to the doctor. Please look after yourself.

With that out of the way…

You have made your first step into changing your lifestyle. We won’t be telling you to become a vegetarian propagandist or convert to a fad religion. In fact, you’ll learn how you can go on a food rampage and still keep your weight and health.

All I ask is… read this with an open and critical mind. Some of this ride will be bumpy, and the floor will be taken from under your feet. Truth can be jarring. If you prefer to keep the veil over your eyes, then please stop reading now.

We’ll take a mild rambling approach over most topics and slowly dive deeper here and there. We don’t want to get too technical too quick.

Don’t just take my word for anything you’re about to read. Investigate my claims, do your own research and learn the logical fallacies in human thinking for they cloud and distort the path to true knowledge.

Use ‘Google Scholar” and not your local tabloid or a random internet blog. A sample size of one is called anecdotal evidence and must be dismissed. Large sample sizes produce the most reliable results.

An academic background isn’t really required to understand the theme in this book. Every subject is approached in an easy and hopefully entertaining way to promote the pleasure of discovery. But having said that, we will need to understand why some studies are poorly designed and the reasons will become apparent.

Your day will be aimed at achieving the goal of better health, weight management, and life enjoyment. There are “hacks and cheat codes” that provide great returns. And by the end you’ll know how to get results, and avoid where most fail. Remember…

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence…

There’s a lot of misinformation in the fitness world and media. You and I are not going to be spreading any more falsehoods. We’ll be going straight to the science, and will back-up our assertions with links to peer-reviewed published scientific studies confirming or refuting a claim.

Your mindset going into this should be: “I know nothing. Let’s learn”. For example, you probably heard some of these:

– diet soda will help you achieve your weight loss goals

– you must eat every 3 hours to be a fat burning furnace or your metabolism slows down

– master cleanse lemonade only diet

– calories in versus calories out (CICO)

– eat only raw foods

– do lots of abdominal crunches to spot-reduce and have a flatter midsection

– you can get your ideal weight back in 2 weeks

– it’s all about the laws of thermodynamics

– you must eat for your blood type

– lifting weights will make you muscular

– the tapeworm diet

– eat 6 meals a day for weight loss

– a calorie is a calorie 

Well, you’ve guessed it! These are wrong. You’re about to get introduced to concepts that might surprise, shock, or even be completely counter-intuitive!

Are you sure those don’t work? I know a friend
who’s cousin’s niece did one of those and
almost lost some weight!

Strap-in, take notes, but know this… Life is not about the destination. It’s about enjoying the ride! Taking good care of this ‘fleshy substance’ we’re made of includes enjoying the challenge.

No man has the right to be an amateur
in the matter of physical training.
It is a shame for a man to grow old
without seeing the beauty and strength
of which his body is capable.


Study, listen, and apply. Your body is your portal to this world. It should be your main focus. Go forth and do science!

Meet the ‘poet’…

From a young age I was always fascinated with these wonderful things called nutrients. I clearly remember this one time, having a meal of fish and then going to school feeling smarter because fish is good for your brain. I didn’t know then that you can placebo yourself into that Valhalla.

My background was sports, and after finishing education I grew obese due to a stressful and overworked lifestyle. I understand the mechanisms that lead us to obesity and have educated myself to the point where keeping the weight off is easy.

Because I have been fat, I’ll take permission and call fat when there is fat to be called. Only a ginger can call another ginger, ginger. If you’re easily offended I have one thing to quote to you:

When you are dead
You don’t know that you are dead.
It is difficult only for others.
It is the same
when you are stupid.

– Michael E. Brown
Physics Professor

I expect you to select yourself as your favourite science project. For that you need to follow the evidence where it takes you, not where you want it to go. You must stay critical and open minded and reserve judgement until the end. Keep a spirit of adventure and discovery. I don’t want you developing carotenemia and turning orange because you decided carrots are healthy.

As you will see, I also don’t deprive myself from the pleasures of food. It’s normal for me to eat a 3 course meal and still keep my weight where I want it. This insight has allowed me to help others attain control over their bodies and lifestyles.

Don’t worry, we’ll ease you gently into this onslaught. Let’s enjoy the journey together…

All buckled up!

The leanest and fittest I’ve ever been…

…was in high school! I was doing everything right without even knowing it. My performance stood out from the crowd even though I never was a ‘jock’. I was the four-eyed geek that couldn’t play collective sports very well.

Despite that I could:

– jump vertically 74cm from a stationary position

– do 47 abdominal crunches in 30 seconds

– do 35 push-ups in 30 seconds

So how the hell was I out-performing my classmates without even trying?

Beginner’s luck?

To understand this we are now going to look at pieces that makes us both succeed and fail at controlling our weight. Why little things make a magnitude of difference, and make or break the success we have in achieving our goals.

The Human body is like a car, in the sense it really needs all the bits, pieces, nuts, and screws to work. Sure, you can remove something here and there and it will still run and take you from A to B.

The same happens with our body. Sleep, stress, nutrition. We can survive without a fundamental daily biological requirement for a while. But do it for too long and you’ll start paying the cost with your health.

Start taking some pieces out of your car and the results can vary between a mild nuisance or a very disastrous outcome. Sure you can make it to your destination without the rear wheels, but the car will be damaged. This is how many of us are living their lives, ans you can tell by the accumulated damage.

So, are you ready for a journey through this manual of cheats? Well, here it is…..

Available on Amazon…

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