Can you just eat less to lose weight?

The answer is… No! Thanks for coming. Buy my book!

What? That’s not enough for you? Then, why is it most people think they can simply eat less to lose weight?

You’d think that eating less causes a reduction in stored fat, but in reality our metabolism sees less energy coming in and starts reducing the expenditure. We move less, we feel tired and less motivated as a result.

This also primes us to regain the weight back when the inevitable happens. What is this ‘inevitable’ I speak of?

We seek comfort in food. Stress makes us eat. Lack of pleasure or stimulus makes us frustrated and we eat. How long do you think we can go without the comforting pleasure of food?

The numbers show most people give up after a week. Some crazies will even last a month. All of them will gain their weight back, and put some more on ‘for good measure’.

In a cruel perversion of justice, eating less only causes our metabolism to slow down. And we then face the inevitable, eating with gusto and extra relish.

Then we turn to the media and they say you can lose those extra pounds if you buy their pill or their latest ‘ab smasher’ device.

The correct path to weight loss is free from pills, teas, cleanses, detox, liposuction, or extra purchases. They want you to believe that more buying is necessary for losing weight. I’ll tell you a secret… Less buying is involved!

This is why, thanks to marketing pressures, misinformation runs riot.

But how do you really lose weight then and keep it off? The answer is simple… Real foods.

If whatever you buy comes with a list of ingredients… You got duped!

In ‘Eat Bad’ we take a deep look into ‘refining’ and how bad it is. Every time our food was involved in a process with added ingredients the chances are, this thing is going to be really tasty, not very filling, and you can’t wait until you buy some more.

But for health, the most our food should be subjected to is some heat. That’s it. No refining allowed.

Don’t believe me?

Cool! Let’s try this experiment. Go to the supermarket and buy your favorite fruit, whatever it is. Now, for lunch go on Netflix and start watching your favorite show and eat as much fruit as you can until you feel full.

If your favorite fruit is apples or oranges, chances are you start feeling full around the tenth you consume. Sounds right to you? Awesome!

Tomorrow we’re going to try something different for lunch. This time, you’re actually going to eat a normal meal. But I want you to juice the same number of apples or oranges you managed to eclipse 24 hours ago during your Netflix bonanza.

Notice the difference? There isn’t any! You will gladly drink the juice with your meal and don’t even feel fuller than last time. This should make your ‘spider sense’ go wild!

Are you now getting an idea of what ‘refining’ our food really means to our health?

I really hope this message has helped you.

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The first pages of the book “Eat Bad”…

 The text below are the first pages from ‘Eat Bad’…


We know what we are,
but know not what we may be”
William Shakespeare

This guide started its life on the 25th of October of 2010 as an email I sent to a work colleague who wanted help to lose some of the extra blubber he was carrying around the midsection. Shortly after, other requests for help ensued and this text grew into a “part two”, and even a “part three”. Now it has grown many parts over.

We’ll spend most of our time focusing on nutrition, food, and chocolate mousse. Exercise will be more of a side note at the end.

In this journey we are going to tackle myths, learn cheat codes, smash misconceptions, and expand our horizons. Be ready for discovery.

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