Nothing beats this for weight loss…

There is a sucker born every minute. Buy my crystals! Have these pills! So many promises… Such lacking results.

Our TV is full of these:

“Buy this abdominal cruncher to get rid of the belly!” – If you haven’t guessed, you cannot spot-reduce fat.

“Take these amazing pills with TWO FULL GLASSES OF WATER!” – Yeah, the weight loss, if any, will come from filling your belly with water and being unable to eat as much.

“This weight loss bracelet will make you lighter!” – from your wallet…

Often the word “natural” will be attached to make it sound more plausible and true. Drowning is “natural” and so is Cyanide and both will quickly kill us. The amount of nonsense you can hear at the gym or in the media goes on and on.

Beware of fitness buzzwords like:

  • antioxidants
  • biological
  • cleanse
  • detox
  • gluten-free
  • natural
  • non-gmo
  • organic
  • superfood
  • toxins

Quoting straight from “Eat Bad”:

“Let me put it plain and simple… Nothing here is what it seems. If you eat too many chickens, you don’t grow feathers. If you eat foods with high cholesterol, you don’t collapse from a blocked esophagus. If you eat sugar, you don’t become a lollipop. Then, why would you think If you eat fat you become obese?”

Just food for thought!

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Why are we always hungry in 2018?

Dietary guidelines are saying charming, self-qualifying, words like ‘eat a balanced healthy diet’. Can you see it? It’s a contradiction!   You can’t have a healthy diet if you are eating the same quantities from all food groups. There is no ‘balance’! It’s isn’t healthy, and the number of obese and diabetic clearly show this.  

  Type 2 diabetes was a disease for people over the age of 65 just 50 years ago. Now, even children are getting diabetes before their teenage years. My sources are Dr Robert Lustig, and this is discussed at length in ‘Eat Bad’ from many converging angles.   We have a huge nutrition problem today, and it doesn’t just affect the sedentary population.  

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The first pages of the book “Eat Bad”…

 The text below are the first pages from ‘Eat Bad’…


We know what we are,
but know not what we may be”
William Shakespeare

This guide started its life on the 25th of October of 2010 as an email I sent to a work colleague who wanted help to lose some of the extra blubber he was carrying around the midsection. Shortly after, other requests for help ensued and this text grew into a “part two”, and even a “part three”. Now it has grown many parts over.

We’ll spend most of our time focusing on nutrition, food, and chocolate mousse. Exercise will be more of a side note at the end.

In this journey we are going to tackle myths, learn cheat codes, smash misconceptions, and expand our horizons. Be ready for discovery.

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