Why are we always hungry in 2018?

Dietary guidelines are saying charming, self-qualifying, words like ‘eat a balanced healthy diet’. Can you see it? It’s a contradiction!   You can’t have a healthy diet if you are eating the same quantities from all food groups. There is no ‘balance’! It’s isn’t healthy, and the number of obese and diabetic clearly show this.  

  Type 2 diabetes was a disease for people over the age of 65 just 50 years ago. Now, even children are getting diabetes before their teenage years. My sources are Dr Robert Lustig, and this is discussed at length in ‘Eat Bad’ from many converging angles.   We have a huge nutrition problem today, and it doesn’t just affect the sedentary population.  

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Finally published…

That’s right. Seven years in the making, over 500 kilos of chocolate consumed, and presto!

To lose weight you need to be a rebel. You can eat a ‘healthy balanced diet’ and do what everyone else does OR you can learn that most of the advice on losing weight misses the mark. Here’s a sample from the first chapter…

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