“Eat Bad” is yours for free

So, after putting more effort into this project than most people would call sane, even had family members dismissing me as some kind of idiot, I tried giving it away for free and posted it on the /r/fitness subreddit only, with hopes it would finally meet the people who could make the most of it. All I got was abuse, rudeness, a ban, and a power trip…

I thought I was plenty gentle on the premise “Eat Bad” was being given away because I genuinely have given up. In the Reddit post I explained the time invested into this project and over $1000 spent in trying to advertise it.

Then I get an instant ban with the message: “Your SPAM isn’t welcome here”.

Seems a bit harsh! This was not SPAM. I’m not sending this out into people’s faces everywhere through email or posting it on tonnes of websites. It was only posted to one subreddit in the hopes of getting comments that I could follow which would possibly lead to helping someone. At this point my Reddit account is 9 years old, and since the ban mentions that if I have any questions I should contact the moderator team… Well I guess I have a query.

And all I gor was an immediate ban on contacting the moderator team for 72 hours. Notice the alarming language that follows. Apparently I “blew up” into the subreddit dumping a “commercial”.  Was also accused of telling them how to moderate their community, and my worthless opinion can go right back up my holes. Oh the violence of my brutal actions!

Hmm, no.  I was asking a question about my post, not about how they run your community. They didn’t even put the effort to see if it was SPAM or not. It isn’t. Here’s a quote for you: “I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.” –  Abraham H. Maslow (1962), Toward a Psychology of Being

You really lived up to the cliche: With limited tools, single-minded people apply them inappropriately or indiscriminately.

So here it is folks. “Eat Bad”, too edgy for Reddit!

Anyway, rant over. Download “Eat Bad” here for free…


Hope someone finds it useful.

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